List of mflowgen Common Library NodesΒΆ

Base Tool # Description of Modular Nodes
Cadence Genus 1 Synthesis
Cadence Innovus 14 Init, place, cts, route, postroute, signoff, post-pnr ecos, foundation flow setup, hold-fixing nodes, power grid setup
Cadence Pegasus 4 DRC, LVS, GDS merging, metal fill
Synopsys DC 1 Synthesis
Synopsys Formality 1 Logical equivalence check
Synopsys PT(PX) 6 Timing/power signoff, ECOs, gen lib/db, RTL- and gate-level power estimation
Synopsys VCS 2 RTL- and gate-level simulation, vcd2saif
Mentore Calibre 7 DRC, LVS, GDS merging, metal fill, convert verilog2spice, drawing chip art
Open-Source 8 Synthesis (yosys), place (graywolf), place (RePlAcE), route (qrouter) LVS (netgen), DRC (magic) gds2spice and def2spice (magic)
Total # of Nodes 44  
Open-Source Technologies 2 SkyWater 130nm, FreePDK45 with NanGate Open Cell Library