Instantiating a Step Multiple TimesΒΆ

You can clone a Step in your and instantiate it multiple times in your graph.

For example, say you wanted a graph that looks like this, with the same step (i.e., GDS merge) instantiated twice and two nodes feeding different inputs to each (i.e., foo-gds and bar-gds):


You can use Step.clone to build this graph:

# This is the default step

gdsmerge = Step( 'mentor-calibre-gdsmerge', default=True )

# Clone the step however many times you need

gdsmerge_for_foo = gdsmerge.clone()
gdsmerge_for_bar = gdsmerge.clone()

# Give them both new names

gdsmerge_for_foo.set_name( 'gdsmerge-for-foo' )
gdsmerge_for_bar.set_name( 'gdsmerge-for-bar' )

# Add both steps to the graph

g.add_step( gdsmerge_for_foo )
g.add_step( gdsmerge_for_bar )

# Connect up both steps

g.connect_by_name( foo_gds, gdsmerge_for_foo )
g.connect_by_name( bar_gds, gdsmerge_for_bar )